Terms and conditions of use

Last Updated: 18.02.2023

Local Transport Today, LTT, is a magazine reporting on the UK’s transport policy, planning and delivery since 1989.

LTT is a paid for subscription magazine delivered in several digital formats.

The delivery platform for LTT (this website) is developed and administered by Minadmin Ltd. LTT subscription dues are collected by Minadmin Ltd using Stripe Payment Processing System. 

From time to time, LTT provides promotional access to the LTT digital platform for limited access to a specific LTT issue. This access is provided free of charge and will expire at the end of the promotional period.

Registered users on this platform must be “real people” whose identity is disclosed and contact information authenticated.

User passwords are encrypted and no one has access to passwords on our system (not even our system administrators). If a user forgets their password, a temporary password is generated for them by the system and sent to their email address. They should immediately change this temporary password using the Account Settings on our website.

Corporate subscription scheme refers to a discounted rate an organisation pays for access to LTT magazine for a specified number of their employees.

At the start of the corporate subscription period, the key account holder at the organisation nominates the users who shall benefit from LTT membership through the corporate subscription scheme. This may initially include a trial period for a higher number of users, after which a maximum agreed number of users will qualify to remain in the scheme.

Once the organisation identifies the employees benefiting from the corporate subscription scheme, the individual will have the full benefit of LTT individual membership until the end of the subscription period, even when they leave the organisation.

LTT is supplied as a printable PDF file for the personal use of the named paying subscriber only.

Passing on the print out or authorisation to any other person or organisation, either physically or digitally, represents a breach of the contract with the publisher and therefore makes the user liable to the suspention of their LTT supply.

Users can cancel their subscription at any time. Access to LTT for cancelled subscription will be available until the end of the paid-for period, unless users request the deletion of their account with LTT, in which case, suspension of service is immediate and all user information is deleted.

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 15.11.2022

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The LTT digital publication platform is developed and administered by Minadmin Ltd for LTT magazine.

LTT magazine is very conscious of its responsibilities under data protection regulations and the GDPR directive that came into force on 25th May 2018. Minadmin Ltd is authorised to administer LTT subscription processing and its complience with GDPR directive.

Any subscriber can ask at any time to be removed from our platform, and to see any data we hold about them.

At no point will your details be shared with third parties without your permission.

Submitting Personal Data

When subscribing to our platform, LTT will only use information collected about you in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) implemented on 25th May 2018.

LTT may ask you for certain information and you may submit personal data such as your name and email address to LTT when you subscribe to our platform.

LTT may offer you alert services for which you may be invited to sign-up. They will be clearly labelled during the subscription process.

By subscribing and submitting your data you agree to this use.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, LTT magazine is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office [notification number ZB454631].

If you believe LTT magazine has information about you that you do not want LTT magazine to have or that is incorrect, please contact us and we shall correct or remove the data as you request as soon as is reasonably practicable.


LTT digital publication platform only uses the minimum cookies for the functionality of our platform.

LTT also uses Google Analytics to measure anonymous information about our site visitors, such as visit frequency, duration and approximate geographical location.

Additional information such as age, gender, and interests are also made available to us but only if they’re available.

All of this information is completely anonymous, and is used purely to help us align our content better with our audience.

If you would like to opt out of being tracked with Google Analytics, you can visit Google’s opt-out page.