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Policy   Peter Stonham   LTT857   14 November 2022

DfT must release forecast traffic levels behind transport emission projections

In a significant decision just made by the Information Commissioner, the Department for Transport is being required to publish the assumptions behind the trajectories towards net zero that appeared in its Transport Decarbonisation Plan. The Freedom of Information request that led to the decision was made by Professor Greg Marsden of Leeds University, who says it is vital both transport professionals and the public know the tough changes transport must make to meet decarbonisation targets, and that all share the same forecasts on which they are based.

“I fear there is a chasm in understanding fuelled by a lack of transparency about the true scale of the challenge,” Marsden told LTT. “I was greatly encouraged when my appeal against non-disclosure of information by the DfT was upheld by the Information Commissioner. This is really important for us all to see and understand.


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