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Roads Policy   Peter Stonham   LTT856   31 October 2022

‘Release Thames Crossing business case’ NH told as Goodwin supports Thurrock challenge

National Highways is being instructed to release its business case for the controversial Lower Thames Crossing following an application to the Information Commissioner by Thurrock Council which is opposing the scheme. NH has so far resisted making the Outline Business Case available, and also been highly restrictive about other information about its projections for the LTC ahead of its examination within the planning process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects. This will follow a resubmission to the Planning Inspectorate of the development consent order (DCO) application by NH which is expected imminently.

The forthcoming examination of the revised NH proposals for the new downstream crossing of the Thames between Kent and Essex is likely to hear some very significant arguments about both the need for the major investment project, and the rationale behind its justification.


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