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We again have much of significance across a range of transport policy and professional practice areas to report, analyse and comment upon. Subject matter ranges from improving street design and provision for walking and cycling, through transport scheme appraisal, bus and parking policy, and highway decarbonisation, to the prospects for driverless vehicles and how the government wants to provide for them. Our special analyses look at the New WelTAG appraisal guidance from the Welsh Government and its carefully constructed relationship with overall transport and more general policy objectives in Wales through a framework spearheaded by transport minister, Lee Waters.

Also in this issue, columnist John Dales takes a hard look at policy and practice for the design of main road and side street junctions, and how to better address the needs of all road users, and John Siraut analyses the range of revenues that councils have been obtaining through the range of parking charges they generate.

In other news items, there are interesting developments in 'greening' town centres in a number of areas, better managing street works, saving the HS2 link between Birmingham and Manchester by unusual cross-party political collaboration, plus a fascinating look at research into at extensive forgotten provision for cycleways on main roads from the 1930s, some of which may be well worth re-instating.

In his Editorial Opinion, Peter Stonham takes a hard look at the way decisions have been made about provision for emerging transport modes over the past century, - including the motor car - and what should by the guiding principles to now address the arrival of a new driverless incarnation of vehicles. He thinks it is time for a wider review of the issues, akin to that taken in the Buchanan report in the 1960s, but this time looking as carefully as possible at both the context, the challenges and the potential consequences BEFORE the outcomes of another motoring revolution - if that is what is coming.

These are the headlines of just some of the stories in this issue:

  • ATE issues guidance to councils on street design best practice for walking and cycling

  • Government asks NIC to draw up plans to ready roads for automated vehicle

  • Unions, campaigners and politicians push back on planned driverless taxi expansion in California

  • Footway parking powers are needed now, says Local Government Association

  • Over half of new cars too wide for street parking spaces, campaign research reveals

  • Ending car-centric thinking and planning processes key to boosting walking and cycling

  • £12m Stratford green zone project designed to boost walking in cycling

  • HS2 costs bring very poor value for money, says Public Accounts Committee

  • Transport giant ComfortDelGro expands in UK with £80m buy of mobility specialist

  • ORR to investigate reasons for National Highways ‘dip’ in performance

  • Give utilities ‘tighter deadlines for repairs and bigger fines for damaging streets’

  • Third electric TrawsCymru bus route begins as network targeted for net zero

  • Live Labs 2 event will update progress of road decarbonisation projects

  • Pressure mounts against Scottish Government over SPT funding removal

  • Burnham admits problems with first phase as franchised Bee Bus network grows

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